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Terms & Conditions

Terms: Please note vouchers are flown on weekend days Sat/Sun On purchasing a SKYWEST AVIATION flight lesson the purchaser has agreed to the Terms & Conditions on behalf of the recipient of the voucher. Please note the 40min helicopter lesson is for 20minutes flight time and the 60min helicopter lesson is for 30min flight time only. Airplane lessons are for 30min and 60min flight time. Booking: Vouchers are flown on weekends subject to weather conditions. To book your lesson please contact us at Weston 01.6280088.  Cork 021 4888056 or Newcastle 01.2811110  at least 2 weeks in advance of the required date. Bookings cannot be done through email or text.

When booking you must have your voucher number and voucher type i.e. 40min flight otherwise the lesson cannot be booked. You will be required to produce your voucher on the day. Once a voucher has been booked in, a minimum of 24hrs cancellation is required. Bookings cancelled by voucher holder within 24hrs of lesson time will render said voucher NULL & VOID. 
Validity Of Voucher: All vouchers are valid for 9 months from the date of issue which is  printed clearly on your voucher.  Calls for bookings beyond the expired date cannot be accepted. Bookings which are cancelled by reason of weather or other safety reasons must be rebooked within 60 days. Responsibility for rebooking rests with the voucher holder and not Skywest. Weather conditions on the flight day may result in fligh times being delayed or cancelled. Please allow extra time for your lesson. Availibity of aircraft may result in lessons being combined with other students. This will however result in extra time in the air for the student. We do not extend a voucher which has expired, but we do extend them for free, if you contact us before your voucher expires when a date beyond the six months period can be arranged for the flight. Vouchers may be transferred by the person who purchased the voucher only. This must be done prior to the voucher expiery date. Please note these terms and conditions before buying.  
Descriptions: The stated duration of the lesson is determined by lesson type and may differ from lesson to lesson and may depend on the weather.
Refunds: All SKYWEST AVIATION lessons must be redeemed by the date on the voucher and are non-refundable. Customers are entitled to a seven day cooling off period, which begins on the day the voucher was purchased.
Lost, Stolen or Destroyed-In the event of a voucher being stolen, lost or destroyed, the lesson may be scheduled or voucher replaced under certain circumstances
Postponement: SKYWEST AVIATION reserves the right to postpone due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. weather conditions. In this event, the voucher holder will have the opportunity to reschedule the event. Rebooking must be made within 30 days.
Failure To Attend: Failure to attend a pre booked lesson will result in the lesson becoming void.
Locations: Currently locations are Newcastle Airfield,Weston Airport and Cork Airport. The simulator is based in the Aerdrome Buisness Park, Rathcoole only.
Spectators: Spectators/Friends are welcome but there may be restrictions due to safety regulations.
Restrictions: Person must be over 15 years and must be able to enter/exit the helicopter unaided. A max weight of 140kg per seat applies.
Disorderly Conduct, Consumption of alcohol or any illegal substances is strictly prohibited on the day and will result in cancellation of the lesson. PLEASE NOTE WE AT ALL TIME RESERVE THE RIGHT TO WITHDRAW OUR OFER OF SERVICE AND ISSUE A FULL REFUND
Confidentiality: All confidential information is used only in accordance with the Data Protection Act.     Please note we will not be booking any flights for Cork during the periods 1st November to 1st May. This is due to previous experiences with weather during this period at Cork and the numerous flight cancellations made as a result. No bookings will be taken before then.
Terms: SKYWEST AVIATION reserve the right to change these terms & conditions at any time without prior notification.


Training and Maintenance Services 

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Here at Skywest we offer a range of services, from training to self-fly hire........

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Charter & Maintenance Services

Skywest Aviation Ltd. over a range of other services, Self Fly Hire, Aerial Works and a whole range of maintenance services

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See below for a list of the training courses provided by Skywest Aviation Ltd. All training is completed to the highest standards

Introductory Flying Lessons

PPL(H) Course

CPL(H) Modular Course

CPL(H) Integrated Course

Flight Instructor Course - FI(H)

Type Rating Course


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Advanced Training

See below for a list of the advanced training courses provided by Skywest Aviation Ltd. All training is completed to the highest standards

Advanced Auto-rotations

Advanced Navigation

Mountain Flying

Radio Telephony

Helicopter Maintenance

Confined Areas

GPS Course

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