Type Rating Course




2/3 days


Full or Part Time 

Course Description

Type ratings are avalible on varous small to medium helicopters

Courses commence with theorectical knowledge tuition on the helicopter type systesm and pre flight procedures, followed by an in house written technical examination on the helicopter type if this is the first turbine or piston type rating. The course consists of 5 hours (min) flight time. For the first Robinson helicopter type a minimum of 10 hours flight time will be required. For all other pilots the course requires a minimum of 2 hours flight time ( depending on experience

Course Content

This is a 2-5 hour flight course (10 hours for the first Robinson type rating ) combined with 5 hours theorectical knowledge tuition followed by a skills test by an approved examiner

Intended Audience

The course are aimed at suitably qualified pilots who wish to qualify to a different helicopter type


Irish Aviation Authority and College Ireland Approved Flight Training Orginisation. JAA and EASA approved