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Self Fly Hire Special

With rates on the  R44 from €500 an hour with all extras included, so why not take to the skies of Ireland this year! Self Fly Hire can be expensive wherever you decide to fly, and many other operators advertise a price only to discover you are liable to extra charges such as landing fees, handling charges, fuel surcharges and various other hidden extras. For this reason, here at Skywest Aviation we have put together packages which included ALL extra charges, the price you see is the price you pay!

What are the terms of this package?

To take part in this offer there is a minimum of 10 hour booking required (this is standard practice amongst all schools in order to obtain a reduced rate). We will then allocate you a desired 7 days (usually Saturday to Saturday) which you have to complete your hours. Any hours you do not manage to fly due to weather will be carried over and can be flown with arrangement

Additional Information

  • Are there any extra charges? All extra charges are included within the price (unlike other schools) ,including landing and handling fees at Newcastle Airfield, fuel surcharges etc. The only extra fees you would be liable for are land away fees at any other airfield. If you are interested in landing away please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • What flight experience must I have? Anybody who has not trained or previously flown with skywest Aviation will be required to undertake a check ride with one of our instructors.
  • What documents must I have? A copy of your current in date medical and license will be taken by ourselves and must be carried on you personally during flight along with photo identification.
  • Is a safety pilot available during my flying? Yes, a safety pilot can be provided at an extra cost from Newcastle Airfield and must be arranged in advance. Contact usl for more details regarding safety pilots.
  • Is an instructor available to practice procedures during my flying? Yes, one of our instructors can be provided at an extra cost from Newcastle airfield and must be arranged in advance. Call for more details regarding an instructor.
  • Is there any accommodation available during my stay? Yes, we have an arrangement with a local hotel only 2 miles from the airfield with a rate of 50 euro a night including breakfast. See: The hotel is located in an idyllic village with many local amenities. Transport to and from the airfield can be arranged. Alternatively there are many other hotels and B & B‘s in the Wicklow and Dublin areas you may wish to arrange yourself.
  • Can I bring friends/ family with me during my flying? Yes, obviously the dual controls will be removed but you are more than welcome to bring a friend or family member.


Training and Maintenance Services 

Not just gift vouchers

Here at Skywest we offer a range of services, from training to self-fly hire........

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Charter & Maintenance Services

Skywest Aviation Ltd. over a range of other services, Self Fly Hire, Aerial Works and a whole range of maintenance services

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See below for a list of the training courses provided by Skywest Aviation Ltd. All training is completed to the highest standards

Introductory Flying Lessons

PPL(H) Course

CPL(H) Modular Course

CPL(H) Integrated Course

Flight Instructor Course - FI(H)

Type Rating Course


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Advanced Training

See below for a list of the advanced training courses provided by Skywest Aviation Ltd. All training is completed to the highest standards

Advanced Auto-rotations

Advanced Navigation

Mountain Flying

Radio Telephony

Helicopter Maintenance

Confined Areas

GPS Course

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