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Blue Transair Traveller Pilots Flight Bag - 54.00

The essential grab-and-go flight bag, the Transair Traveller weighs only one third of a standard flight case but still has enough capacity to hold two headsets, your GPS equipment and flight guides and charts.

The Traveller Flight Bag has an extra large central compartment which features a reinforced bottom for support and a large pull-back, double zipped flap to provide easy access to larger flight equipment. The Traveller has two end pockets, one full length zipped side pocket (front view), and two adjacent chart pockets (rear view). Inside the flight bag is a positional internal divider to separate storage.All fitted zips have been specially custom designed to complement the prominent, regal gold embroidered Flying Gear logo. Available in dark blue or black, with rugged one piece wrap around handles. Outside measurements are 300 (H) x 500 (L) x 220 (W) mm. Weights a scant 2.3 lbs. A practical, stylish and value for money alternative to rigid flight cases. One piece 11/2 inch wide nylon handles wrap around the underneath of the bag for added strength, and a detachable shoulder strap ensures easier carrying of heavy loads.


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Charter & Maintenance Services

Skywest Aviation Ltd. over a range of other services, Self Fly Hire, Aerial Works and a whole range of maintenance services

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See below for a list of the training courses provided by Skywest Aviation Ltd. All training is completed to the highest standards

Introductory Flying Lessons

PPL(H) Course

CPL(H) Modular Course

CPL(H) Integrated Course

Flight Instructor Course - FI(H)

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Advanced Training

See below for a list of the advanced training courses provided by Skywest Aviation Ltd. All training is completed to the highest standards

Advanced Auto-rotations

Advanced Navigation

Mountain Flying

Radio Telephony

Helicopter Maintenance

Confined Areas

GPS Course

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